About Me

My name is Jhoanna and live in the Village of Trumansburg with my husband and two kids. I grew up in Texas and moved to New York in 2011. You may have seen me around town.

I have been baking since high school; always baked for family and friends. Now I want to share it with more people by  turning it into a home business part-time...for now.

My cultural background is Salvadoran and Puerto Rican, so everything I learned about "All American" baked goods are from a 1979 Betty Crocker cookbook that I still own and is covered in food stains. I've continued to learn from reading, watching cooking shows, and other awesome cooks. I've developed my own recipes over time that combine my likes and the wants of family and friend to make delicious foods to share.

Recent News

3/5/23 Edible Finger Lakes - Seasonal Cooking Sunday Apple Pie